Maison Bourgeon - Purple macaron

Violet macaron

Maison Bourgeon

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Travel into a world of delight and refinement with the Violet Macaron from Maison Bourgeon, an exquisite creation where the art of pastry meets the art of tea tasting.

This liquid masterpiece dazzles the taste buds with an unexpected marriage of flavors, harmoniously blending black and green tea with an intoxicating bouquet of rose, jasmine and violet.

Let yourself be seduced by this elegant infusion, where each ingredient is carefully selected to create a perfect balance between sweetness and intensity. Rose petals, mallow flowers, safflower, cornflower petals, jasmine flowers and orange blossoms delicately combine to compose an enchanting floral symphony.

Let the violet macaron tea steep for 4 minutes at 90°C to fully release its captivating aromas.

Presented in a colorful and elegant sachet, this loose leaf tea is not only a treat for the senses, but also a perfect gift to give to your loved ones or to add to your personal collection.

Discover the pure and delicate pleasure of Maison Bourgeon Violet Macaron and many other infusions in our Tea selection. Good tasting !

Capacity : 0.1kg


Start the day in style with Macaron Violette! Leave to infuse for 4 minutes at 90°C then serve with good homemade cookies. Enjoy your food !


Black teas (Sri Lanka, China), green tea (China), rose petals, mallow flowers, safflowers, blueberry petals, flavourings, jasmine flowers, orange blossoms. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, gluten, soy and sulphites.


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