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Sablés diamants

La Maison du Biscuit

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Discover the famous Sablés Diamants from La Maison du Biscuit, made with care in our workshops in Sortosville-en-Beaumont, in Manche, in Normandy.

It is a delight for chocolate lovers... The Sablé Diamant, this melting biscuit is a delight! We make this extraordinary shortbread with the same process as the great pastry chef Antonin Carême in 1800, that is to say by making a homemade almond paste every day by grinding Spanish almonds, mascarin cane sugar and white almonds. eggs into a fine and creamy paste which we complete with butter and flour. And immediately after cooking, we completely coat with our famous milk chocolate.

Presented in a magnificent family box with vintage charm from La Maison du Biscuit, this box contains two freshness sachets for better conservation and contains around 60 chocolate biscuits, ready to amaze the taste buds of young and old gourmands! Be careful with this chocolate biscuit, it is not recommended in high heat.

Sablés Diamants from La Maison du Biscuit and all our homemade treats made in our workshops are available in the selection Our Famous Biscuits.

Watch the secrets of making these famous Sablés Diamants on video at La Maison du Biscuit:

Capacity : 0.6kg
DLC : 2.5 months


This is the number 1 variety of shortbread in the consumer hit parade. But be careful: it is completely coated in milk chocolate and, in high heat, the Sablés Diamants risk melting in children's hands. The box is made up of 2 freshness sachets and contains approximately 60 biscuits.


Wheat flour, 30% milk chocolate (cocoa butter, pourdre whole and skim milk, pastry butter (milk), cocoa mass, whey powder, caramel, lactose (milk), soy lecithin, caramel aroma, vanilla, paprika dye), pastry butter (milk), sugar, almonds, eggs whites, baking powder (baking soda and pyrophosphate). Can traces of nuts, milk, eggs, soy, gluten.

Nutritional value per 100g expand_more expand_less

Energy : 573,2 kcal / 2387,7 KJ, fat : 37,4 g, saturated fatty acids : 21,7 g, carbohydrates : 49,1 g, sugars : 19,3 g, protein : 8,4 g, salt : 0,36 g


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