Terre Exotique - Chimichurri Pampeano

Chimichurri Pampeano

Terre Exotique

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Discover the authenticity of Argentina with the Chimichurri Pampeano from Terre Exotique.

Chimichurri Pampeano is a blend of herbs and spices traditionally used in Argentine cuisine. which will awaken your taste buds.

Composed of chili pepper, oregano, parsley, coriander and salt, each ingredient is carefully selected to offer a balanced and authentic explosion of flavors.

Chimichurri Pampeano is a perfect blend to enhance your meats.

Whether in a crust to give a crispy and fragrant texture to your grilled meats, or in a marinade to imbue your pieces of meat with all the flavors of Argentina, Chimichurri Pampeano will satisfy the most demanding palates.

Its slightly spicy character adds a touch of liveliness without being too pronounced.

Chimichurri Pampeano Terre Exotique and many other spices from around the world are available in our selection of salty grocery products. Good tasting !

Capacity : 0.035kg


Prepare your chimichurri sauce to accompany your meat. It's simple ! Mix two tablespoons of chimichurri, olive oil, white balsamic vinegar or lemon juice according to your preference. Enjoy your meal!


Chilli pepper, oregano, parsley, coriander, salt


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