Abbaye de la Coudre

The hidden know-how of the nuns

At the heart of the Abbaye de la Coudre in Laval, entremets are much more than simple desserts. Created in the 1970s, this artisanal activity has become the main source of income for the monastic community. Inspired by a generous friend, the sisters developed a unique recipe, mixing simple ingredients such as seaweed and natural flavors, jealously guarding the secret of their preparation: A secret of the gods!

Over the decades, the range has been enriched with new flavors, while retaining the authenticity and quality for which the abbey's desserts are renowned. From production to marketing, each stage is marked by a collective commitment: the balance of life, of monastic life, where each sister gives the best of herself for the monastic community.

Now less sweet and more tasty, these desserts are exported well beyond the walls of the abbey, finding their place in homes and delicatessens across the country. The desserts at Abbaye de la Coudre are much more than desserts; they are the symbol of a living tradition, of a dynamic and creative community, thus perpetuating an ancestral heritage in a constantly evolving world.

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Abbaye de la Coudre - Cocoa flan

Cocoa flan 45g

Abbaye de la Coudre

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Anne-Laure's markets

  • Tuesday : Quettehou
  • Friday: Valognes
  • Saturday: Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue

Sandrine's markets

  • Monday: Carentan (market pl.) (every 15 days)
  • Tuesday: Villedieu-les-Poêles (every 15 days)
  • Wednesday: La Haye du Puits
  • Thursday: Coutances (the corner of the bar)
  • Friday: Caen (pl. St-Sauveur, quarter of rue Pemagnie/Pasteur)
  • Saturday: Agon-Coutainville or Saint-Lô