Welcome to La Maison du Biscuit

Ets. BURNOUF founded in 1903

Artisan manufacture and sale of traditional quality biscuits based in Sortosville-en-Beaumont.
MMM... all butter biscuits from Normandy !

Maison du Biscuit

Here you are at La Maison du Biscuit, family artisan biscuit makers in Normandy where the expertise of our biscuit makers has been passed down through 5 générations of the family Burnouf.
A 1900's style street to welcome you, with all the facades of yesteryear. « Good morning Sir, Madam, a little biscuit to taste on your arrival ! » And so, whatever time of the day, from the minute you open the doors, your taste buds are awakened ! The mingled the aromas of hot chocolate, almonds, ... so many quality ingredients used in the making of our pure homemade butter range, baked fresh daily (financiers, cookies (chocolate chip cookies, chunks of lsigny caramel, hazelnut), ladyfingers, congolos, coconut rocks, brownies, amandines, raisin cakes, shortbread triangles, ...) are familiar to the gourmets who recognise our brand name.
Inside the shop, you will see the decor is still in the old fashioned style, to whisk you back to yesteryear ! The French influence reigns supreme over the displays of gourmet food, regional and local produce. Savoury or sweet, there is something for everyone ! Here and there, the shop's style will take you back to another era, and the delicious aromas you tempt you to stop at our wonderful deli in La Manche, Normandy. 

We also thought of our gourmets and gourmands customers at home ! Find our cookies in our online store. With a few clicks, your favorite cookies will be winging their way to your table. Good tasting !