Wedding cookies 

Reception for wedding the house of the biscuit

Reception for wedding

"Are you planning to make a reception or a cocktail?"

Wedding, celebration, or any other theme during which a tasting is essential: discover our "Biscuits en gros" proposition and let's study it together. First of all, when you browse our range and our wine of honor price, a wide choice of our fine cookies is available to you. 15 specialties that will delight all tastes: fine shortbread, meringue, soft, chocolate. This variety of shapes and colors will give your cocktail buffet the most beautiful effect. How to determine a selection? Let's start with the beginning of the price ...

Palet normand

Not very suitable for wine of honor, it is bulky (around 30 grams). Ideal for snacks after a sports competition.

Raisin cake

It weighs a little over 20 g, of course, but what a look in its pleated paper box, and how not to satisfy lovers of cakes gorged with raisins.

Cookies with chocolate chips

A great classic of the dry biscuit but beware, the heat (especially the sun) slightly melts the chocolate chips in the hands of the first consumers: children.

Hazelnut cookies

To order moderately (1 kg for example) because the amateurs of biscuits with the pronounced taste of hazelnuts are quite few.

Galette normande

The classic, tasteful, easy-to-taste dry cookie is a hit with everyone.


A fine crumbly shortbread sprinkled with almonds. He is fragile. Be careful, it is handled with care.


Be careful, this is the coconut rock, coated in milk chocolate, it will melt in the hands of your guests and especially that of children: provide plenty of disposable towels !!!


Soft and full of pure chocolate. This is the most devoured cake by dark chocolate lovers. Baked in a paper box, it is slightly more expensive than shortbread (30 to 35 brownies per kg).

Sablé diamant

This is the # 1 shortbread variety on the consumer charts. But beware: it is completely coated with milk chocolate and the same applies to children's hands and the risk of the chocolate melting (to be taken into account absolutely).

Délice de Léa

This progress dough, finely meringue, finely dusted with icing sugar (like a cookie with a spoon) perfect to give a variation of colors to your buffet.

Doigt de Dame

The must-have homemade cookie specialty. Finely meringue, shaped in the shape of a thin finger, generously sprinkled with finely chopped hazelnuts: quite a treat.

Rocher coco

This is in fact our Congolos, without its milk chocolate coating. Meringue and stuffed with grated coconut: don't forget, otherwise, coconut lovers will be disappointed ...

Cookies with Isigny caramel chips

Also a staple on the wine reception tables. This "crunchy" shortbread is filled with around 20% of Isigny caramel chips. Guaranteed success!

Langue de chat

Shortbread biscuit, cut out as an oval like a small tongue: Marc Burnouf, founder of the House, judges it as his best shortbread (it contains in its formula, almond powder from Spain) which leaves the palate, the desire nibble a second immediately.

Petit four financier

So, this one: don't forget it! So much so that some amateurs make their wine of honor by selecting this specialty exclusively. The shapes are varied: round, square, oval,… These small cookies are advantageous: 100 per kg. Soft and tender: guaranteed success!

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