Au Pêché Mignon - Apple jam, coffee, calvados

Apple jam, coffee, calvados

Au Pêché Mignon

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Discover the tasty apple jam, coffee, calvados from Au Péché Mignon, made in Auppegard near Dieppe, in Seine Maritime, in Normandy.

Carefully prepared according to an artisanal recipe with 50g of fruit per 100g of jam, this jam subtly combines the sweet flavors of sun-ripened apples, the aromatic richness of freshly ground coffee and the intoxicating delicacy of calvados.

Its elegant design, decorated with colorful pleated paper, makes it the perfect gift for lovers of sweet pleasures and connoisseurs in search of authenticity.

Let yourself be seduced by the perfect balance between the sweetness of apples, the depth of coffee and the subtle touch of alcohol from calvados.

Generously spread apple, coffee or calvados jam on a slice of fresh bread or pair it with fine cheeses for an unforgettable taste experience.

Whether to brighten up your breakfasts, to accompany a moment of relaxation around a cup of tea or to offer a unique and refined gift, Apple Jam, Coffee, Calvados will conquer the most demanding palates.

Apple jam, coffee, calvados Au Péché Mignon and many other sweet treats from the French region are available in our selection of sweet grocery store. Happy tasting!

Capacity : 0.37kg


Start your day off right with apple jam, coffee, calvados on a slice of country bread. Enjoy your meal!


Fruit, sugar, lemon juice. If necessary, gelling agent: apple pectin


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