Orange flower water

Organic orange flower water

Terre Exotique

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Discover the exquisite organic orange blossom water from Terre Exotique.

A fragrant treasure from the sunny lands of Cap Bon in Tunisia, where families have perpetuated the art of distilling bitter orange flowers for generations.

This floral water is the remaining fragrant water after the distillation of bitter orange blossom, creating Neroli essential oil.

Orange blossom water is an essential ingredient in Oriental and Mediterranean gastronomy, bringing a subtle and captivating floral note.

Use orange blossom water in your pastries, traditional dishes like couscous, as an infusion, and even in refreshing drinks such as the famous white coffee.

Orange blossom water is also appreciated for delicately flavoring homemade flans or for giving a summery touch to pancake batter.

Terre Exotique orange blossom water and many other specialties are available in our selection of sweet grocery products. Good tasting !

Capacity : 0.1kg


Prepare your white coffee, a soothing hot drink to consume in the evening, simple and quick, boil water, add a few drops of orange blossom water and a teaspoon of honey. Good tasting !


Orange flower water**.

** Product from organic farming


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