Terre Exotique - Onion massala confit

Onion massala confit

Terre Exotique

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Discover the Onion Confit with Terre Exotique Massalé, to enhance all your dishes!

This spicy onion compote is a real delight that will delight your taste buds.

The result of artisanal know-how, this recipe skillfully combines sweet Massalé, a blend of spices with captivating aromas and sweet notes of smoked pepper.

The history of this spice blend dates back to the 18th century on Mauritius, when Indian immigrants introduced this recipe with exotic flavors. Pierre Poivre, a famous botanist and colonial administrator, played a key role in introducing these spices to the island, with the aim of diversifying local trade and ending the Dutch monopoly.

Combined with candied onions, Massalé reveals all its aromatic richness, offering notes that are both roasted and sweet.

This delicious preparation goes perfectly with a multitude of dishes, such as sautéed shrimp, fish in sauce or meat dishes.

Massalé onion confit can also be used to garnish yogurts, desserts such as donuts or rice pudding, as well as fruit salads.

Both versatile and refined, this Onion Confit with Massalé is an essential for all lovers of creative cuisine.

Whether to accompany a toast of homemade foie gras, a grilled steak or fresh pasta, this condiment will bring a touch of exoticism to your dishes.

However, be careful of its little spiciness which adds a pleasant sensation in the mouth!

Onion confit with Terre Exotique massalé and many other spices from around the world are available in the selection of salty grocery products. Good tasting !

Capacity : 0.1kg


Enjoy the massaged onion confit on toasted bread as an aperitif, a treat! Enjoy your food !


Sweet onion (76%), brown cane sugar 7.6%, white Pays d'Oc wine, sunflower oil, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, spices including massalé (1.4%), modified corn starch, salt, color

Nutritional value per 100g expand_more expand_less

Calories : 140kcal, protein : 1g, carbohydrate : 20g, sugar : 20g, fat : 6g, satured fat : 0,7g, fiber : 2g


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