Chocolate Bonnat The Sirens

Chocolate Bonnat The Sirens


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A limited edition of cocoa-based chocolates, which due to their rarity, can be considered collector's beans.

In 1609 a ship sailing between Mexico and Spain via the Philippines was thrown off the coast of Japan during a storm. In the middle of the shipwreck, pearl fishers saved the crew and then the cargo, which was partly made up of cocoa. Unaware that they were dealing with women living from diving, the sailors remained convinced that they had been hauled on the shore by mermaids.

The ship and its crew left for the Philippines where the cocoa was planted. This tablet is a tribute to the Japanese divers without whom this chocolate would not exist.

Capacity : 0.1kg


Ideal temperature between 16°C and 18°C.

Store in a dry place.


Cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar

Nutritional value per 100g expand_more expand_less

Energy: 603kcal/2501kJ, fat: 46g of which saturated fatty acids: 29.65g, carbohydrates: 42.6g of which sugars: 25.9g, protein: 8.8g, salt: 0.1g


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