The know how / production

There are trades that still need craftsmen. Biscuit making is one of them !
To maintain quality and consistency is a difficult and demanding task, but so rewarding when the cookie just melts in your mouth.
Everyone recognises quality !

At La Maison du Biscuit, Kevin ,Thierry, Fabrice, John and Guillaume are proud to be in the kitchen (every morning from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive) working to guarantee the quality of every biscuit produced. They are recognised as artisans who create these little delights. They take top quality ingredients and make them dance !


Products used in our recipes are sourced as much as possible from the Normandy region. Flour and eggs, here are quality, why would we look elsewhere when our suppliers have the same passion for tradition as us ! When more "exotic" flavours are needed for the production of our cookies, they are selected from the best sources worldwide, because quality is the byword throughout our entire history and good biscuits start with excellent ingredients !Next to the biscuit makers, Patricia, Veronique, Sylvie, Guillaume and Julien neatly pack the biscuits in our much loved boxes. Day after day, they carefully pack the cookies and biscuits you love so much !


Sold at the shop and in the regional markets, in many delis or from our online shop, somany packages are shipped by Guillaume who is in charge of despatch.

Suffice it to say that in workshops behind our doors shop, the manufacturing team put our products in pride of place for you !


All our biscuits are home made, every day in our workshops where pastry / biscuit dough are worked with the love and care. Each recipe is followed the traditional way generations of know-how to bake your favorite biscuits and cookies.

The handmade aspect is a priority for us and these skills are passed from generation to generation in the family Burnouf and our team in the kitchen each year make more than 450 tons of our delicious biscuits.

You discover a real wealth of flavours when you taste our biscuits. Because an artisan, still working in the traditional way for so many years is a badge we're so proud to wear !