La biscuiterie


From the car park in front of La Maison du Biscuit, you will see a dear little street with all the old shop fronts as they were before the war.

After crossing the road, as you approach the setting, let yourself be drawn along the pavement, in front of the shops to discover the decor of yesteryear. The magical period facades and signs reworked by local artisans. Here we see "Time to eat a Burnouf biscuit" or "Grocery Counter for Gourmets" all written in period script. Because it never go out of style and brings back happy memories...

A l'exterieurExterieur


You stand at the door of our "museum of flavors" as some call it. Such a spread for foodies, so we want to welcome you with a "Hello ladies and gentlemen, taste a cupcake as you step in".

Then discover our shop, or should we say shops, because in "our foodie paradise", you will discover not just our range of biscuits, but also our hundreds of other deli items. There is something for everyone : jams, teas, honey, sweets, cider, pommeau, terrines...
And to round it all off, flavors from the 4 corners of France, you can also find beautiful Gien stoneware, baskets, arranged in shop settings with all the old furniture of yesteryear and decor that has been designed with our grandparent's generation in mind. A visit, or rather a story that finds everyone back in their childhood.

Ah yes! For La Maison du Biscuit everything is a story of great tastes and respect for quality and tradition in every detail !

Design and Decoration

Alain Tardif décorateur

To design and make this "foodie museum" Mr Alain Tardif, surrounded by many local craftsmen, worked to give our shop the old village feel to it, to the delight of young and old alike.

Congratulations to the artist!