A Family of biscuit makers

5 generations of biscuitieres

A family history

In the Burnouf family, we have been in the pastry and biscuit busness, passed from father to son since 1903 Paul's great-grandfather was a baker, Maxime, his grandfather, a patissier, Maxime, his father, a biscuit maker, Marc, a biscuit maker too and Kevin studying the art of biscuits !

Landmark dates in our family history

1903 : Paul founded his production site in La Haye du Puits in La Manche, the first bakery in the family.
He developed manufacturing techniques that are still used today by his grandson to produce, amongst other things, his Sunday Brioche.

1925 : Grandfather, Maxime, changes the bakery to a bakery & patisserie.
Over the years the awareness of their product spreads to neighboring areas. The Burnouf the family decided to settle in two other cities in Normandy, this time in Calvados, Grandcamp and Caumont l'Eventé...

The Burnouf fàmily continues in the same way for each child, off to classes as an apprentice at the age 0f 14 years, then back to the family business , once the trade has been well mastered.
A succession of Burnouf children continue the family business and pass on the farnily recipe book !

1946 : The grandfather Maxime passes the business on to his son, Maxime (same name for a father and son working together), who then created the artisan biscuiterie "Biscuits Cotentin". His son Marc then works alongside his father.

In the late 80s, he did not want to continue the development of "Biscuits Cotentin" as it was being pulled in the direction of mass production Marc Burnouf and his wife Carole, decided to return to the traditional methods that had made the family, business a success from the start, and founded "La Maison du Biscuit".

Since 1990, a new adventure starts, La Maison du Biscuit is created and perpetuated by the treasured family recipe books, time honoured know-how, and the variety of specialties that change daily.

Since then, La Maison du Biscuit takes its product range to the market only via direct sales, from their shop in Sortosville-en-Beaumont in La Manche, where visitors come in ever increasing numbers to discover, or rediscover for many of them, the shop and its biscuits and other delicatessen products on sale.

There is a team of 25 people around Carole and Marc who continue the Burnouf family tradition, much to the delight of the loyal customers.

A tradition that is not ready to stopany time soon, Kevin, Marc and Carole's son has successfully obtained his degree in 2010. A nice nod to history, as La Maison du Biscuit celebrates its 20th anniversary this year ! What a great birthday gift for Burnouf family who instilled this passion for art from a young age. The succession is assured and customers who meet Kevin around the store can only say that the son is bright and loves the biscuits and cookies he makes in the workshops. The latest addition to the house is also his own recipe. A small chocolate brownie with orange chips that will appeal to more than one gourmet !

And so it is 20 years since La Maison du Biscuit wrote its narne in the history books, and even today most of the production comes from the onsite bakery. Now thanks to modern methods, you can enjoy gourmet cookies & biscuits from Normandy via pj online shop and enjoy them once you return home ! Of course with the same quality that had made La Maison du Biscuit successful for over a century : freshness, quality and tradition.
The family Burnouf therefore have taken great pride in their business since 1903 and they are flot ready to stop yet !

Back to some pictures of our family history !

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